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A life time promise product examination in Foshan UC Testing and Certification Service Co.,Ltd.(English brief name"UC LAB") is technique service company that profession is engaged in various local and international product test and attestation.For long time, the international attestation makes many local manufacturers indecisive, and consequently lost the good opportunity of getting into the international market.In fact all these not Gao can not climb, you need will you of the product hand over to UC LAB, we will obtain a domestic and international attestation smoothly for your product and beats into a nations, local market to provide the best path.We will also with fair, accurate, the examination of science method, earnest, be responsible for, the effective work policy and enthusiasm, thoughtful and overall service attitude provide high-quality attestation service for you.
UC in Foshan registers in July, 2017and become nations passing of third parties examination laboratory, own the most advanced test equipment and excellent professional engineer, match ISO|IEC is 17025 all requests.
UC  laboratory successively acquires the following ity organization ization:TUV Germany|Lai bacterium, American the federal communication committee(FCC), UL the United States, ITS England, and Japan VCCI...etc., the attestation scope almost covers in the world.At the same time, SAICE with many international famous manufacturers, if hat in Shenzhen is virtuous, medium mountain sea one boat, Dongguan perseverance and Guangzhou modern business enterprises, such as king, Guangzhou Ya Jiang and Guangzhou national glory...etc., built up a long-term cooperative relation.

SAICE concentrates on providing consulting of high quality to serve with examination for the electronics electric appliances and the communication industry and establishes technique advantage in the experienced industry.The STL laboratory is become with shorter times to carry on the laboratory of the rules tests of EMI, EMC and Anne at the same time, enjoy customer's trust by good image, thus splendid accomplishment, come from a SAICE principle of management:
The technique leads an one step and serve more outstanding.
SAICE helps the electronics manufacturer of China to break attestation barracks with all strength and gets into an international market smoothly and invests to build up EMC, Anne's rules and chemistry to test complete set experiment facilities in Guangzhou, China, you will feel the best service in STL.STL senior professional personnel with lend overall technique support and management, provide to all-directionsly examine and consult service for flourishing Chinese electronics profession.
The safe laboratory examines ability:
The profession provides CE| FCC| ETL| CSA| FDA| NOM| GOST| E-mark| KTL| CCC| RoHS|REACH|S-MARK| PSB| ETL|SAA| C-Tick|KC ……the attestation serve
lThe estimate tries:Aim at a product attestation to be in advance carry on preparing to try, structure valuation etc..
lThe product is whole to change a counterplan

CB| UL|ETL| GS| PSE| PSB ……eyewitness a test-STL laboratory have already acquired ity organization natural intelligence approbations, such as UL, ITS, NEMKO, TUV, JET and PSB...etc.
The estimate tries:Aim at a product attestation to be in advance carry on preparing to try, structure valuation etc.;
Eyewitness a test:Provide international approbation of eyewitness a test report;
Profession ability effect attestation service-test for you providing European ErP and MEPS Australia, the United States ENGERGY STAR and the United States CEC ability effect.


Professional RoHS tests and attestation service
The sample dismantles a cent-the sieving test-definite evidence examination-match sex evaluation-report certificate
*The report integrates, XRF scanning, cent only account+zero parts report, whole chemistry examination method

If you is a global market to design a new product, or you are getting into an international market for product but very take a lot of thinking, please namely
Engrave to contact STL, we are fair and independently examine and correct wrong, will help you to obtain the following quality attestation by quickest speed

Since January 1, 1996, all electric applianceses and electronics product that get into EU market have to have CE sign, including English, virtuous, method, idea and Sweden, Norway and Belgium etc.17 nations
Japan Voluntary Control Council Technology of by Information of for Interference Equipment(VCCI)
The market in the United States has the rules attestation of Anne of ity most and aim at all electronics products and electronics dollar spare part
The UL sign is equally applicable to Canada
ITE product industry, science and medical equipments(ISM) appliance product:
The extreme limit of electromagnetism interference parameter and calculate a way

CSA, Canada Standards Association abbreviation
The CSA sign is the electric appliances product proof according to Canadian standard
Communication of Australian ity(ACA) EMI of the promulgation|EMC the rules attestation of standard, EMI of the Australia ITE product and Anne
Though EU already CE of standard is a lawmaking to norm EU all countries, because TUV marks a special history position, many customers still request product to have to acquire a TUV attestation
Industry Canada ized more than 30 laboratories in the world, for get into the communication product of Canada to provide attestation service


The national sign nation marks
USA the United StatesChina China
Canada CanadaTaiwan Taiwan
Mexican Mexico Korea Korea
Argentine ArgentinaJapan Japan
European EuropeNew ascent Singapore in the house
Germany GermanyUK England
Denmark in DenmarkItalian Italy
Austria Austria of Finland Finland
Sweden SwedenCzech Czechoslovak
Norway NorwayAo big benefit 亞 Australia
Poland PolandRussian Russia
Switzerland SwitzerlandSouth Africa South Africa


美國 USA     

中國 China   

加拿大 Canada  

台灣 Taiwan   

墨西哥 Mexico

韓國 Korea   

阿根廷 Argentina  

日本 Japan   

歐洲 Europe  

新家坡 Singapore  

德國 Germany  


丹麥 Denmark  

意大利 Italy  

芬蘭  Finland 

奧地利  Austria

瑞典 Sweden  

捷克 Czechoslovak  

挪威 Norway  

澳大利亞  Australia

波蘭 Poland  

俄羅斯 Russia  

瑞士 Switzerland  

南非South Africa